Why can't I titan my dragon?

To Titan your dragon, your dragon must be a level 20 adult or higher and must have a Titan stage. If the dragon either:

  • Doesn't have a Titan stage, it will show you a list of the Titan staged dragons.
  • Doesn't have the required age, it will give you a paywall age-up instead, which you can negate, switching to the "age up" menu but the cost will be different (1,000 gems to skip to baby stage to titan and 750 gems to skip to teen to adult.)

If the dragon does not meet the Titan requirements, select your viking and select the "My Dragons" icon. This will open a list with all your dragons.

  • Choose the dragon you want to age up.
  • Select the Age Up Button on the right side of your dragons name.
  • If you have enough gems you can choose "Skip to Titan Stage" here.

If your dragon is already a Titan, a pop-up message will appear, saying "Your dragon is already Titan".

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