Why can't I see other players?

There are several reasons this may occur:

  1. — MMO is turned off. Please check in Settings and ensure it is turned on. You can also set it in Manage Account directly from our site schoolofdragons.com.

  2. — There is a quest that causes other users to not be visible on the Training Grounds. This is by design. Continue with your quests and once completed you will see other players again.

  3. — Your device or computer does not meet the system requirements needed to properly run the game. In order to optimize the gamer's performance, other player characters are not visible.

  4. — At the login screen, go to Graphic Settings and lower the graphics and see if this resolves the issue. If not, you will need to use a different device or computer.

  5. — There just aren't any players around or you are on a server where there's not many players. You can change servers by moving from one island to another.
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