What are the Art Contest Rules and Regulations?

How to Enter:

  1. You can submit to both the Fanart and Screenshot Contests by posting your work on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the event appropriate hashtag. For example. To submit for the Snoggletog Event, use the #Snoggletog2022 tag.
  2. The individual submitting the work must also include in the description their Viking Username, the date the piece was created, as well as the type of method used to create the art (i.e. Charcoal on Canvas, Oil Painting, iPhone Screen Capture etc.)



  1. All submissions must be an original piece, completed solely by the participant.
  2. 3 entries per participant, for a max of 6 if the said participant is submitting to both the Fanart and Screenshot Contest.
  3. All Submissions must be related to the current Event. (i.e. Snoggletog, Thawfest, Summarhildr, Dreadfall).
  4. No TRACED or otherwise non-authentic pieces will ever be considered a valid submission.
  5. Any Fanart/Screenshot over 1 year old will not be considered a valid submission.
  6. Failure to provide the necessary information in the description section of your submission will disqualify your piece to be selected.
  7. Any previous Fanart/Screenshot Contest Winners who have won the past 2 out of 3 contests will not be considered to give the rest of the community a chance at winning the contest. These artists will be given fair consideration during the following Event.
  8. Any gratuitous displays of violent or sexual acts will disqualify your submission, and the artist will be banned from entering any School of Dragons Fanart/Screenshot in perpetuity.
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